Weekend Warrior

The past two weeks have felt like an extended, extended, extended weekend.

Starting November off in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest, my best friend in the whole world, and endlessly clever gal, Mindy Megan Gunter, picked me up from the airport with a Lone Star beer in hand to welcome me to Texas. Nice. The fest was incredible, dusty, drunk, and awesome.

Together we’ve traveled back to LA where the madness has yet to stop, and MMG’s best friend Laura came to join us a few days later. They are both incredibly talented ladies who you should check out. Specifically at Girls Talk Blog.

Anyway, it’s late, we’re drunk, and I have to get the girls to the airport at a decent time tomorrow. It’s been an incredible few weeks, and as much as I’m sad it’s over, I’m looking forward to reverting my apartment back to it’s man-cave status and not having to deal with tampons and hair pins errrwhere.

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