I just wrapped up my first SXSW as a performer successfully.  A special thanks goes out to Doug Benson for having me on both nights for “The Benson Interruption.” I had so much fun getting interrupted–the highlight of the festival for me. Doug and I will be performing together soon at the Pechanga Resort and Casino–check that out!

I also hosted a stand-up show that was fantastic.  The entire festival was amazing–I got to catch so much great live music.  I also got to walk about 50 miles throughout the course of the week on very little sleep and there was free booze everywhere–it was unavoidable.  I think there were actual babies selling Coors Light on the streets.  A total blast–on the first official day of the music portion, I got to see The Woggles, Peelander Z, a fantastic bluegrass band, Bad Brains, Black Lips, and Talib Queli–that should give you an idea of how the festival went outside of the comedy.

I was also able to catch my buddy, Mike Wiebe’s band, The Riverboat Gamblers shred the stage before Roky Erickson with Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top.

It was all quite an adventure and I was stoked to be a part of it.  The 40 hour nap I just took was also pretty wicked.

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